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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 13, 2017 2:30am-4:00am PST

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good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis y. good morning, i'm diane. >> human rights issues briefly came up during president trump's meeting this morning with the controversial philippine president. but the discussion was said to focus on trade and isis. a live report from manila straight ahead. >> alabama republican candidate is staying in the race even if president trump asks him to drop out, according to a senior campaign adviser. moore is promising to file a lawsuit in response to claims he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. the attorney general jeff sessions will be on the hot seat when he appears before the house judiciary committee tomorrow. democrats say there are inconsistencies in what he has said about russian interference in the election. and a rare celestial sight
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is set before dawn this morning. venus and jupiter will be visible to people who have a clear view of the eastern horizon. those are just some of our top stories on this monday, november 13th. get your telescopes out, everybody. those are some of our top stories on this monday, november 13th. from abc news, this is "world news now." if are you i >> make sure you go in the middle of times square, somewhere with lots of lights. >> definitely. >> you'll be able to see them clearly. >> okay fine. >> not quite. all right. we won't be able to see it. >> ruining all my fun. >> good morning, everybody. we'll start this half hour with the questions over russia as well as human rights that are looming over president trump on his final stop of this trip to southeast asia. >> the white house has acknowledged that human rights was briefly discussed as the president head bilateral talks with the combative philippine leader. >> earlier, the two men joined other leaders for the traditional handshake. traditional, if not a little awkward. the president eventually got the
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hang of it. this is at the asian cultural and economic summit there in manila. abc's karen traverse is traveling with the president. they are on day, i think, nine or ten, but probably feels like day 20 for karen. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. i think it's day 47 here in manila. good morning, diane and ken dis. president trump has said that he has made a lot of progress on trade and north korea on this trip, but he hasn't pointed to any specific commitments that he's taking back to washington. he is already looking back on this trip, though, and calling it a success, saying the welcome he's received in every country is a sign of respect for the united states. now, of course, you just said this whole summit kicked off with an incredible photo op. world leaders gathered on stage for what turned to be a very awkward handshake. the president is standing there and the announcer says grab hands with the person next with you but cross your hands and then things got a little weird. the president didn't seem to really be enjoying himself as they tried to do this, but later
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he got down to business. he had a bilateral meeting or tri-lateral meeting with the prime ministers of australia and japan where he talked about the good relationships and the progress that they made and then later that controversial meeting with the philippines president rodrigo duterte. duterte has come under fire from human rights groups who said he carried out thousands of what's called extrajudicial killings as part of his aggressive crackdown on illegal drugs. the white house ahead of this meeting says that he and the president had a warm rapport and there were a lot of questions about whether or not human rights would come up. today diane and kendis, the president says they have a great relationship and that the visit so far had been successful. the white house said that their conversation focussed on isis, trade, and illegal drugs and human rights did briefly come up in the context of what they say is the philippines aggressive push on illegal drugs. diane, kendis. >> so many people like to focus
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on the human rights there. duterte is accused of killing so many people in the drug war. karen, back to the whole putin moment. you were there on air force one as the president tried to clarify his comments about vladimir putin and russia's election meddling. what did he say? >> reporter: the president came back on air force one and talked to reporters for about 25 minutes, a very long time. he took a lot of questions. he said that his interactions with vladimir putin were very brief. two to three conversations, very short. of course we asked did the question of russia's election meddling come up. he said it did and that president putin told him the russians did not meddle in last year's elections. he says he kept saying it. he kept saying it. the president said how many times can i ask him about this. we said, do you believe him when he says that? and the president said, he believes that putin means it when he says that. well, of course, that sparks a lot of questions about what exactly president trump believes. yesterday in vietnam he was asked to clarify that and he said he believes the u.s. intelligence agencies.
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that's really the farthest he's come to say he backs those assessments not vladimir putins. but those brief encounters that president trump had with putin just meant that that would have the russia investigation front and center at this very long trip. president has been focussing on trade and north korea, but that cloud of russia looming large. >> yeah, definitely a lot of mixed messages on that. karen, have you perfected the crossover handshake now that you've seen it. we're tempting it here, but i don't know if we've quite got it. >> right hand or the left? >> it feels like a game of twister. >> reporter: yeah. i'll get john karl out here later and we'll give it a try to see if we can do it. >> sounds good, karen. thanks so much for checking in with us. the u.s. military is putting on a big show of strength. three american aircraft carriers are together conducting exercises in the waters between japan and korea. military officials described the war drills as a clear warning to north korea. this is the first time in a decade that three u.s. carriers
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have operated together in the western pacific. and breaking right now, rescue efforts are going into high gear in western iran. crews worked through the night looking for survivors. you see the moments captured on tape after a 7.3 magnitude quake struck in the late evening near the border with iraq. dozens of iranians were killed. hundreds of others injured. the region's main hospital severely damaged. reports from iraq are still sketchy, but there were some deaths and injuries. tremors were also felt in turkey, israel and kuwait. >> a strong earthquake struck off the pacific coast of costa rica overnight. the area where the magnitude 6.5 is lightly populated. there are reports of two people seriously injured. it's pretty early. no majjor damage reports. there was no threat of a sue namny. >> a south texas baptist church held its first service since the shooting spree that took 26 lives a week ago.
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members of the community joined the congregation, forcing the worshippers from that small building to a nearby massive white tent. the church has reached out the the shooter's family and members are praying for them. the pastor said, it's not surprising that they aren't angry. >> we have the freedom to choose and rather than choose darkness as one young man did that day, i say we choose light. those 26 that are no longer with us, are dancing in his presence today. >> one of those victims killed was the pastor's own 14-year-old daughter. the church itself has been repaired but it's being turned into a memorial. it may even be demolished. the pastor plans to build a new church on the property and next week's services will be held somewhere else. two men were stabbed at minnesota's mall of america during what police are calling an interrupted theft. the suspect was allegedly trying to take shopper's belongings while thern trying on clothing at macy's. the shopper spotted him, he allegedly stabbed him.
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he was subdued by other shoppers. none of the injuries are life threatening. the alabama republican roy moore is vowing to stay in the race for a senate seat. roy's campaign believes claims that he had sexual contact with teenage girls in the late '07s were leaked to "the washington post" by moore's political enemies. a senior adviser is calling it an aggressive attempt to create a fictional story. in the meantime, hundreds of women marched in hollywood overnight trying to shine a light on sexual abuse. about's brian clark with the latest. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, sexual violence has got to go. >> reporter: victims of sexual assault and supporters marching in hollywood sunday. it's called the metoo march after the trending hashtag of recent weeks. the women and some men feeling empowered to add their voices, joining a social movement. >> sexual violence is something that we've seen happen in the workplace, which is really where this began. but sexual violence takes hold in many other ways throughout society. >> reporter: some women are now publicly telling their stories.
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>> i was sexually assaulted when i was 15 and raped when i was 25. and both were by men that i dated. >> reporter: taylor says she found strength because so many other victims are sharing their experiences. >> you know, we only pay attention when it's someone famous. and it's time for us to give a voice to the voiceless and be able to come up here and say, metoo. >> reporter: the metoo hashtag re-emerged last month after dozens of women in hollywood accused producer harry vine stine of harassment and sexual assault and some accusing him of rape, allegations he has denied. many other allegations of misconduct following and not just from the entertainment world. >> i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. >> reporter: sunday, ohio governor john kasich called for alabama's republican nominee for u.s. senate roy moore to drop out of the race over allegations that he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s. >> it's just really a matter of whether he ought to be the
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candidate of the republican party. and i just think he shouldn't be. >> reporter: roy moore has denied the reports and has refused to step down from the campaign. brian clark, abc news, new york. okay. so this year, as you know, we've had the fight of the century with mayweather and mcgregor, they went at it in las vegas. >> big time. >> now over the weekend we had the sequel. take a look. >> yeah. so this is the tug of war seen between two rats fighting over a french fry out the mouth of a drainage pipe under the subway tracks here in manhattan at the greenwich village station. one rat finally wins. >> but the other one wasn't giving up any time easily. >> oh, it's not over. they may still be going at it right now. [laughter]. >> for real. >> that was so sad when i dropped that french fry. i nearly got involved in that tug of war myself. >> wow. >> all right. coming up --
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>> there are lots of them unfortunately. >> we have a growing consumer scam to tell you next involving google. hear why contacting a business you find on a google ad won't always get you what you're hoping for. and remembering new york's queen of celebrity gossip, liz smith. that's ahead on "world news now." gossip. liz smith. that's ahead on "world news now."
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♪ ♪ if you're looking for the lowest of those every day low prices as they say at walmart, you might want to avoid their website. apparently in an effort to drive foot traffic to its stores, the world's largest retailer has reportedly been boosting prices for some food and household items on its website. other big box retailers are doing the same thing, including costco. and investigators are looking into a new internet scam this morning. >> yeah. apparently when you contact a business through an ad on google, you may not be getting what you think. >> reporter: a new online scam targeting google users. >> anger is the best emotion to describe how ultimately it made
2:45 am
me feel. >> reporter: courtney pearson googled a washing machine repairman unaware that they swapped numbers with a legitimate business listing. >> i thought this was someone who was going to take care of me. >> reporter: she says, the next day these two men arrived at her texas home, in an unmarked truck, charging over $400 to replace a valve. courtney soon realizing her washer was still broken and her check had been cashed. >> this is a scam, they're not coming back. >> reporter: south carolina lock smith larry spears says scammers had changed his number on google. >> hurts my business. it makes us look like thieves. >> reporter: google business options have an option to suggest an edit, allowing almost anyone to change a selection. google says they have an automated system to detect fraud, but there can be inaccuracies which they try to
2:46 am
address as quickly as possible. the best way to protect yourself? >> check multiple sites. google, yelp and next door. which is a social network for neighbors. >> linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> one of our producers, who will remain unnamed, says we can check the old-fashioned yellow pages. >> i wonder who in the world -- >> would say that. yellow pages? what is that? coming up, we're opening up our vault and looking back at the life of famed gossip columnist, liz smith. >> we'll be right back. ed gossip columnist, liz smith. >> we'll be right back. columnist, liz smith. >> we'll be right back. corn. fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain. and that smell puts the giddy in "giddy-up"! ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent. you can't help but smell happy.
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liz smith was the gossip columnist who was nearly as famous as the people she covered. >> that's right. she passed away over the weekend at the age of 94. and we're now opening up our vault to look back at her life. >> reporter: she's more widely read than most reporters who have. she's today's hottest gossip columnist. new york news day's liz smith. who makes her living out of other people's private lives and casual chitchat. but as judd rose discovered in a
2:49 am
business known for bitchiness, she's not only universally read but universally liked. >> reporter: the most widely read gossip columnist, it is her job to take you inside. tonight a party for madonna where liz gets material from the newly-brunette material girl. >> does this mean that blonds don't have more fun? >> no, absolutely not. i always have fun no matter my hair color. >> i like gossip. i have a lot of philosophical ideas about gossip, what it means. i think it's important. it's cathartic, it's good for you, makes you live longer. it's a release. >> reporter: liz is in fact now one of the highest-paid columnists of any kind anywhere. >> honey, i won't tell a soul. >> reporter: she jumped to news day after 15 years at another new york tabloid, the daily new she also cut a deal to appear on "personalities", the nationally syndicated tabloid tv show. >> what else happened when oscar
2:50 am
turned 63? there were parties all over town. >> hi, billy. how are you? glad to see you. >> reporter: part of what news day bought was her access. at a time when celebrity is king, liz smith holds the keys to the kingdom. she knows just about everybody. and everybody knows her. >> i like her. i like her very much. >> when she's your friend, she is your friend for life. >> liz is so sweet and kind and fair. >> reporter: her critics would say a little too kind and fair when it comes to her rich and famous friends. >> well, this is your greatest show i've ever seen. >> reporter: sometimes even when she wins she loses. last year she broke the mother of all gossip stories, the trump divorce. >> the trumps, once they got in the paper, they never got out for three months, because they are like two little kids saying you're another one. and i couldn't stop reporting this story, because i was the only one who had any access to her side of the story.
2:51 am
>> reporter: liz used that access to get a series of exclusives. once again there were grumbles that she was too cozy with the high and mighty. >> they were just jealous. >> reporter: jealous. they said you were too involved, that you were a central player. look at liz, she's crossed the line. >> right. it's true. i did. they were right. but they were just jealous. >> liz has been fair. she's been on ivana's side. i can understand why she's been on ivana's side. she's a good woman. >> he wrote me a letter the other day saying you crucified me for a whole year, but you're terrific. >> reporter: remember, you're not invited to all those parties she goes it. but rumor has it, you're not missing much. >> it's like anything, you have to do too much. like if you had to wrestle cows all day you wouldn't like that either. >> reporter: this is a little more glamorous, i think. >> you know, i mean, glamour shlamour. it gets boring, too.
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get help. >> what? >> no. >> get help. >> i hate it. >> it works every time. >> do you have a better plan? >> no. >> we are not doing get help. >> get help, my brother's dying, help him! >> a classic. >> classic move and classic money. "the god of thunder" kept the top spot at the box office for the second week in a row with $56 million there. >> not too shabby. the battle for the second spot went to "daddy's home two." with $30 million. and no big mystery here, "murder on the orient express." didn't have the opening they were hoping for with just over $28 million. running a marathon, pretty hard work. >> yes. >> running a marathon on two prosthetic legs, unimaginable,
2:56 am
perhaps, until now. that's what a marine veteran, rob jones, did every single day for a month. >> so that made it even more difficult for him. there's an important message behind all that mileage. >> here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: to his fellow marines, rob jones is the fiercely-loyal brother who kept them going during their most dangerous moments. >> rob brought a spirit to the unit. and it was always on the tip of the spear per se on the front line. >> reporter: as a combat engineer in afghanistan, he stepped on an ied, losing his legs in 2010. months of grueling rehab, learning to sit, stand and finally walk again, but he didn't stop there, eventually becoming a paralympic rower, now pushing himself to the limits, running 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days all to raise money for wounded warriors. his wife pam by his side. >> i've actually heard him say
2:57 am
in the past, thank god it happened to me and not someone who wasn't as capable of dealing with it. >> reporter: in every city, strangers inspired to join him, 812 miles later on veterans day in the heart of the nation's capital, an emotional end to his remarkable journey. what is this like for you? >> i want people to know that a wounded veteran is not a broken veteran. a wounded veteran is someone who needs to find a new path on how to keep fighting. >> reporter: an american hero on a mission to serve the country he loves. >> usa, usa! erielle reshef, abc news, washington. >> so that 800 plus miles raised about $135,000 for veterans groups all across the country. >> what a great moment to watch him cross the finish line and spread such a great message. >> yeah. 31 marathons in 31 days. bravo. country. 31 marathons in 31 days, bravo. rans groups across the country. bravo.
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this morning on "world news now," president trump shaking hands with the controversial leader of the philippines. this morning on "world news now," president trump shaking hands with the controversial leader of the philippines. and the growing backlash at home over his comments in which he appears to trust the word of russian president vladimir putin over that of u.s. intelligence agencies. new this morning, first look inside the texas church where 26 people were killed, plus the pastor who lost his own daughter speaks during the first sunday service since last week's shooting. and breaking overnight, two powerful earthquakes in two parts of the world. dozens killed after a quake in the middle east. rescue efforts under way right now, and hours later another strong quake in this part of the world. what's happening here? and we're tracking the action from across the nfl, including the coach who forgot to look up. and the fan who took it all off. we're on a streak on this monday, november 13th. >> what did he take off? ♪
3:01 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> he did not make it very far. he also did not leave much to the imagination. >> no, he did not. he got maybe five yards. that's much offense as the giants got yesterday. too soon? >> maybe they'll recruit some of those security guards? >> that's true. that is true for defense. all right, we're going to start overseas this half hour and the president on the final leg of his asia trip but still reeling over comments he made about vladimir putin. >> the president took part in the opening ceremonies in the southeast asian summit standing hand in hand with the philippine president who is accused of the bloody war on drugs. >> but first, the president doing a bit of damage control over his comments over russian election meddling, while two former intelligence chiefs are firing back, saying this morning the american president is being manipulated by vladimir putin. abc's jonathan karl on the dangerous diplomacy. >> reporter: protesters faced
3:02 am
off with riot police in manila, carrying signs reading "ban trump" as water cannons blasted the crowd. it's the final stop on the president's nearly two-week long trip to asia, at a gala dinner, he toasted the philippine's hard-line president rodrigo duterte. in vietnam, the president met briefly with russian president vladimir putin. he said among the topics they discussed was russian meddling in the election. >> i believe he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded that russia did meddle in the 2016 election and that putin ordered it. earlier on air force one the president describes putin's words this way, every time he sees me, he says i didn't do that, and i really believe when when he tells me that he means it. he also called the former heads of the top three intelligence
3:03 am
agencies c.i.a., dni and fbi political hacks. the former director of the c.i.a. said president trump is giving putin a pass. >> i think it demonstrates to mr. putin that donald trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and to try to play upon his insecurities. >> reporter: on twitter, the president dismissed his critics. when will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing? >> we have to get to work to solve syria, to solve north korea, to solve ukraine, to solve terrorism. and, you know, people don't realize, russia has been very, very heavily sanctioned. >> reporter: he also took on north korean dictator kim jong-un, tweeting -- why would kim jong-un insult me by calling me old, when i would never call him short and fat? oh, well. i try so hard to be his friend. maybe some day that will happen.
3:04 am
the president was asked if he really thought he could become, quote, a friend of kim jong-un. >> that might be a strange thing to happen, but it is certainly a possibility. if that did happen, it would be a good thing for -- i can tell you, for north korea. but it would also be good for lots of other places and it would be good for the world. >> reporter: the white house says when the president sits down for his meet with president duterte of the philippines that he will bring up the issue of human rights and the extra judicial killings in the drug war here, but the white house also said the president has a, quote, warm rapport with duterte. it's hard to imagine it being a major subject in the discussions here. jonathan karl, abc news, manila. >> one more note about human rights, the white house says it was briefly raised this morning with the philippine president whose policies have led to thousands of killings. president trump also said he has a good relationship with duterte. alabama republican senate candidate roy moore is making a
3:05 am
defiant stand against calls for him to withdraw from the race. senior adviser says moore would not drop out even if president trump asked him to, but moore is promising to file a lawsuit in response to claims he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl in 1979 when moore was 32. through the weekend, a core rhus of republicans said if the claims against moore are true, he should drop out. >> it would be a very dangerous precedent for any of us, for any person in this country to just be cast aside as guilty because of press reports. this is a democracy, with a constitutional system that allows us to have a process. so if, we're not on trial here. i only know what i read, and what i read is very disturbing. >> at least three republican senators are calling for moore to withdraw immediately, be moore says more information about the original article exposing the allegations will come to light soon. moore's campaign said the story was leaked to "the washington post" by moore's political opponents.
3:06 am
>> in the meantime, signs this morning that actor kevin spacey's troubles are getting worse. prosecutors plan to meet with a former news anchor in boston who claims he sexually assaulted him last year. here is abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: kevin spacey, now the subject of a criminal investigation. >> i made you the president. >> reporter: the "house of cards" star accused of sexually assaulting a then 18-year-old at a bar last year. >> kevin spacey went to the restroom and a woman came forward and told my client, "run." >> reporter: prosecutors now planning to meet with the teen after his mother, a former boston news anchor went to authorities. >> the victim, my son, was a star struck, straight, 18-year-old young man. spacey stuck his hand inside my son's pants. >> reporter: so far, 15 men have come forward accusing spacey of sexual misconduct. >> hey, hey, ho, ho. sexual violence has got to go.
3:07 am
>> reporter: in los angeles, dozens of women marched in support of victims of sexual assault. this as hollywood begins its march to the oscars. on the governor's ball red carpet, stars faced questions about the toxic culture. >> i really hope that this is a huge paradigm shift and it can be a course for systemic change. >> reporter: but inside at the podium, so often used as a voice for change, no mention of the sexual harassment and assault allegations rocking tinseltown. the crowd applauding as dustin hofmann took the stage, accused two weeks ago of groping a 17-year-old production assistant in 1985. dustin hoffmann apologized and said it is not reflective of who he is. reps for kevin spacey says he is getting treatment. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> eva, thank you. and the sutherland springs baptist church held services for the first time since the massacre a week ago. the event was held under a white tent in an adjacent field to
3:08 am
accommodate the massive crowd in attendance. pastor pomeroy's voice cracked as he described the victims as including, quote, my best friends and my daughter. >> this past weekend our country was attacked. our state was attacked. our church was attacked. glory to god -- our people were attacked. >> after the service, the public was invited to go inside the church where 26 white chairs represented the victims. the pews and other fixtures in the church have been removed. given the tragedy that happened there, the pastor intends to demolish the church and build a new one elsewhere on the property. one of the strongest quakes this year struck the iran/iraq border, killing hundreds of people. it happened in the late evening while a newscaster here on the left was on air. you can see him shaking there. the camera moving around a little bit. trying to figure out what is going on there. hundreds of others were injured and there is damage in at least
3:09 am
14 western iranian provinces. rescue crews have been working through the night looking for survivors. there are also deaths across the border in iraq and far from the border u.s. troops in baghdad felt the shaking at their bases. and another earthquake struck off the pacific coast of central america, magnitude 6.5 was centered off costa rica. no major damage but early reports of landslides. two people were seriously injured but no threat of a tsunami. boeing just made a sale of $15 billion. emirates airlines is buying 40, 787 airliners. emirates is the largest carrier with international traffic, with boeing jets set to be delivered in 2022. and crew members at the international space station must be pretty pumped because ice cream is on the way. it's just one of many crucial supplies launched yesterday from
3:10 am
virginia's eastern shore. there's also pizza coming, something the italian on board the station has been craving for months. the delivery should arrive on tuesday, not exactly 30 minutes or less. >> no, not at all. but they're tracking their seamless order online by saying, hey, you know what, it was supposed to get here -- >> like dominoes, see the pizza baking. and coming on the shuttle. >> yep. back to the top story and president trump. you know he's known for initiating those tough and awkward handshakes with world leaders, but this morning the tables were turned on him. >> the president had a little trouble getting ahold of the cross-body handshake at the summit in the philippines. you see him getting it a little wrong on the first few ties. but eventually, he gets it after trying to hug himself. >> and then the grimace says it all. the president contorting his face, his body to get the handshake right. and then the awkward moment eventually ended with it's supposed to be a smile, but it didn't look like much of a smile.
3:11 am
>> but it's a little, it is a little weird, right? you're trying, i mean, he's a pretty big guy. it's tough to stretch his arms that way, i'm guessing. but worst-case scenario, just give yourself a little love. >> love the one you like. >> i don't know that one. i think it went differently the last time i heard it. coming up, the frightening scene at a gym that ended nearly two dozen children. what we're finding out about the platform collapse at an obstacle course. and later where animal lovers can get closer than ever to lions, but instead of the animals in cages, the people are. remember to find us on facebook at and on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." ♪harry's meeting clients... ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪
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i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on. she's had a tiny cough. see you at 5! seriously? protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause coughs. lysol. what it takes to protect. watch as a young mother of two, her children in her arms as she runs there for safety from a burning building. the fire gutting the apartment building in beaumont, texas, just east of houston. fire left more than 100 people homeless. no major injuries reported. see it there again. fire officials say it was all
3:15 am
started by a child playing with a lighter. and also in texas, authorities are investigating the collapse inside an apartment complex for college students. >> fire officials say about 30 people were dancing and jumping in a party in denton when the floor gave way, severing pipes and plumbing. only minor injuries were reported. investigators believe the residential structure couldn't handle that many people. and a chicago father got quite the scare when a thief stole his car with his twin five month old babies inside. the father had left the car running at a gas station when he went in to buy a bottle of water that was just sunday. just after midnight. the car was recovered and the baby boy and girl were not harmed. >> good to know they were recovered. >> i can't imagine seeing that happen as a father inside the store. woo. quite a scare where nearly two dozen children are recovering from injuries suffered during an incident inside an obstacle course gym in
3:16 am
san diego. >> the children were hurt when a platform they were on collapsed and sent them tumbling ten feet to the floor. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: children terrified and in tears rushed out of this obstacle gym in san diego on stretchers and in the arms of first responders. >> everybody was crying and bleeding. >> reporter: an aftermath of a platform collapse that injured at least 23 people and is under investigation. >> the kids were obviously going crazy, scared. >> reporter: around 7:40 saturday night, employees announced they were serving pizza when dozens of children rushed upstairs to the wooden platform overlooking the rest of the gym. that platform collapsing, sending people toppling more than ten feet to the ground below. others underneath hurt by falling debris and broken glass. >> luckily, most of the injuries were very minor bumps and bruises. >> the gym's owner offering no explanation but sharing this apology -- >> we're trying to do the very best we can to make everything right. >> reporter: fire officials are
3:17 am
looking into whether there were any code violation. two of the people injured are still hospitalized but we're told they are expected to recover. marci gonzalez, abc news, san diego. >> good to hear everybody is expected to be okay, at least. coming up in the next half hour, panic at the airport when a backpack starts smoking. we're now learning what was inside and why it was so dangerous. but first, the bills and saints game was turning into a blowout when a fan took matters into his own hands. we'll tell you how. that's next on "world news now." ♪ ld news now." with finish® quantum. even on the toughest messes you get an unbeatable clean. and now get 25% more loads then cascade® platinum™ switch to finish® quantum. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
3:18 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stat
3:19 am
♪ ♪ [ laughter ] all right, let's do -- >> a little rivalry going on behind us. >> let's talk some football. shall we? last night's game was close right up until it started. the patriots were already ahead of the broncos when dion lewis of new england, returned a kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown. >> tom brady threw three touchdown passes, and this one was over a long time over before it ended.
3:20 am
new england won it 41-16. denver has now lost five straight games. ow. >> as if the game wasn't painful enough, add injury to the insult. the denver quarterback being chased when he attempted to throw the ball, but -- >> bull's eye! >> that's about the only thing brock got on target yesterday. he hit a guy on the sideline in the face. the guy had to leave the field briefly but returned to the denver sideline short time later. apparently, he was okay. >> be careful down there! >> risky, risky, risky. maybe they'll start wearing helmets on the sideline. >> they probably need to. and the cleveland browns are the only nfl team without a win this season. they had a 10-0 lead against detroit but they blew it. the lions roared back. cleveland has won just one of its last 25 games against coach hue jackson and they've lost 26-straight games that were played on sundays. that is a nfl record. not the kind you want. so the 49ers finally got a win in the column. congratulations. beating the super bowl-bound new
3:21 am
york giants. san francisco scored some long touchdowns in their 31- 21 victory. the niners are 1-9. the giants are 1-8. >> all right. we are making progress. meanwhile in chicago, temperatures hover around 40 degrees for the bears showdown for the rival packers. >> that was cold enough to send hot chocolate prices soaring to more than $21. >> oh, that's mean. >> more expensive than beer. chicago lost to green bay -- 12 bucks for the hot chocolate. still more expensive. so we end the blowout win with the saints against the bills. >> one fan in buffalo was so fed up he stripped naked and made it on the field. he made it nearly 100 yards before being taken down by security. after the incident, lots of people were commenting on twitter that the streaker ran for more yardage than the bills did.
3:22 am
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3:25 am
♪ okay. ♪ okay. it is time for your "monday mix." and this is one of those categories of would you do this. in australia there's a zoo exhibit -- >> that's always fun. >> yeah. >> there's a zoo exhibit that's kind of turned the tables. we're all used to, we've done safaris where you're in your jeep looking at the animals. this zoo has turned the tables. instead of you being in the jeep, you are there in your cage while the lion just kind of comes in, and you get a 360 perspective view. >> oh. >> on them. >> it's like a combo zoo safari. >> exactly. this is in a zoo over there. the first day they, that they opened up, they had like 11
3:26 am
lionesses were climbing and on top of the enclosure there checking out the visitors. >> they seem pretty pumped. >> they seem pumped. as long as the enclosure is fairly sturdy, i might be okay with it. it's when they start going to town taking it apart. >> one of the lions shows up with a screwdriver? >> yeah. well, we have a new piece of artwork on display here in manhattan that is totally freaking people out. check it out. >> oh, man. >> it's called baby in a stroller or baby in a carriage, pardon me. it's on exhibit in a window of the heritage auctions building in manhattan, and people keep calling heritage auctions saying someone forgot their baby behind because it looks so real that people generally think someone abandoned their child. turns out, it's a sculpture,
3:27 am
just a piece of art. it's going on auction on november 30th. so you, too, can freak out your own friends if you would like. >> it's a lot weird. >> it's valued somewhere between $80,000 and $120,000. for the bargain price of. speaking of art and pricey art, i might have a new lifestyle for the rich and kendis for you. feast your eye on the louis vuitton toilet, valued at let's see, the artist worked on it for three months, used 24 bags to put this together. >> one bag alone is, what? >> the toilet alone is valued at $120,000. i don't even have a handbag. >> so finally, this dad here, dad of the year. trying to quiet this kid. >> what are you screaming about. can you stop? can you stop screaming? please stop screaming. thank you. >> it's that easy. >> oh, really? >> apparently. >> maybe not. >> he'
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," refusing to back down. the senate candidate roy moore, lashing out over those allegations that he pursued teenaged girls when he was in his 30s, as calls from fellow republicans grow louder for him to drop out of the race. breaking this morning, president trump is in manila on the final leg of his asian tour, but he won't say whether he'll discuss human rights abuses with the controversial president of the philippines. and this new half hour, scare of video showing an incident at a major airport as panicked passengers run for cover when a backpack started smoking. >> we're now hearing from the tsa agent who raced toward what many people thought was a bomb. in case you missed it, there was a big award show overnight. see who flew in on a giant robot bird. what the heck? >> that's how i get to work every morning.
3:31 am
>> and which gentleman wore lilac. it's all in "the skinny" on this monday, november 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". we do say good morning, everyone. we're going to start with the defiant stance taken by roy moore, alabama senate candidate. one of his senior campaign advisers says the republican is staying in the race even if the president asked him to get out. >> moore's facing extreme pressure after claims that he had sexual contact with a teenager when he was in his early 30s. moore's campaign believes the reporting by the "washington post" was an overly aggressive attempt to create a fictional story, and now he's threatening a lawsuit. abc's stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: roy moore refusing to back down against rising pressure to drop out of the alabama senate race. >> these attacks involve a minor, and they're completely false and untrue.
3:32 am
i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone. >> reporter: moore rebuking allegations reported in the "washington post" that when he was 32 he initiated sexual activity with a 14 year old girl. the article details accounts that moore pursued three other women between the ages of 16 and 18. >> from my point of view, you know, i have to say i think the accusations have more credibility than the denial. i think it would be best if roy would step aside. >> reporter: pat toomey joining bob corker and john mccain in calling for moore to withdraw immediately. 41 other republican senators saying he should step aside if the allegations are true. what has to happen before you would advise the president to say roy moore should step aside. >> the president said he should step aside if the allegations are true. >> if, if, if, so where does the if lie? >> i want to broaden this conversation, it would be a very dangerous precedent for any of us, any person in this country to just be cast aside as guilty because
3:33 am
of press reports. >> reporter: theresa jones, who served as a deputy d.a. alongside moore tweeting it was common knowledge about roy's propensity for teenage girls. in a radio interview, moore was asked about dating teenage girls. >> do you remember dating girls at that age at that time? >> not generally, no. if i did, you know, i'm not going to dispute anything, but i don't remember anything like that. >> reporter: but now moore remaining defiant, launching a fund-raising drive saying we are in the midst of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message. >> in the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. they will be brought to the public. >> reporter: the support for roy moore here in alabama runs deep. most voters we spoke with say they believe him despite the accusations. they say they stand by him and
3:34 am
his values and believe he can stand up to washington politics. stephanie ramos, abc news, alabama. one of the most decorated american gymnasts in olympic history says she was sexually abused by a former team doctor m. aly raisman talked about the abuse at the hands of the larry nasser on "60 minutes." she says he gained her trust and that of other girls by bringing them desserts or small gifts. raisman says she believes he was a good person who was looking out for her. >> i was in denial. i was like, i don't even know what to think. you don't want to let yourself believe, but you know, i am a victim of sexual abuse. like it's really not an easy thing to let yourself believe that. >> nasser's currently in jail in michigan awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography and facing trial on sexual misconduct charges. raisman spoke out ahead of her
3:35 am
new book "fierce." president trump is set to make a major announcement on trade and north korea as he returns to washington after he wraps up his tour to asia. the president is holding several meetings at a southeast asian summit in the philippines. among them, a sit-down with the controversial philippine president, rodrigo duterte. you see him there in the white. he's accused of a brutal drug crackdown and admitted to killing someone as a teenager. just last week. the white house says the issue of human rights briefly came up. the president played up their relationship ahead of the meeting. >> so we've had a great relationship. this has been a very successful. we have many meetings today with many other leaders. the asean conference has been handled beautifully by the president of the philippines and your representatives. and i really enjoyed being here. >> meantime, the president is under fire for siding with russia's claim that they did not meddle in the election. and slamming former intelligence
3:36 am
leaders here in the u.s. as political hacks. he later walked back those comments saying he's with the u.s. agencies. but former c.i.a. director john brennan says the president is giving vladimir putin a pass. about 700 people turned out for sutherland spring's baptist church's first service since last weekend's massacre. it was held outdoors under a large tent. >> the church itself has been turned into a memorial. >> amen. >> reporter: a standing ovation sunday for pastor frank pomeroy who lost more than two dozen members of his congregation including his own 14-year-old daughter annabelle. >> this past weekend our country was attacked. our state was attacked, our church was attacked. glory to god, our people were attacked. >> reporter: pomeroy traveling out of state during the attack, leading an emotional sermon that called on mourners to worship in
3:37 am
the face of evil. >> we have the freedom to choose darkness, rather than choose darkness as the young man did that day, i say we choose light. >> reporter: the first church service since the tragedy, inside a white tent erected in a baseball field, packed with hundreds of people all sharing their grief, including the mother-in-law of 26-year-old devin kelley. >> those of us no longer in our presence are dancing in his presence today. >> reporter: people lined up to see the newly-opened memorial, inside the sutherland springs first baptist church where the tragedy happened. 26 chairs sit empty honoring the 26 men and women, including an unborn baby. who died here in a hail of gunfire just one week ago. one red rose on each chair. >> the chairs in the spot where each member was, and it's heartbreaking and breathtaking at the same time. >> where they find the strength to carry on after such a terrible tragedy is truly remarkable. >> reporter: funerals for the victims will continue to be held this week. richard cantu, abc news, new york. meanwhile, the connecticut supreme court will hear an appeal stemming from the sandy hook massacre.
3:38 am
the families of ten of the victims are suing the manufacturer of the guns used in the shootings. a lower court judge dismissed the lawsuit saying federal law shields gun makers from most lawsuits. gossip columnist, liz smith whose scoops included donald trump's first divorce among many others has passed away. her column ran for 33 years, syndicated in dozens of newspapers. including the "new york daily news." critics accused her of being too cozy with her celebrity subjects. but she was praised for taken the high road. a style that avoided meanness. she spoke with abc news a few years ago. >> i know a lot of people think i shouldn't have been working anyway, but i have always loved my job and i've had so much fun at it. >> smith was born in texas, but after college she bought a one-way ticket to new york city and became a big part of new york. she came out as bisexual in 2000 when she was in her 70s. smith passing away at the age of 94.
3:39 am
there are ten days to go before thanksgiving. but there's already been a big step toward christmas in new york. >> workers put the rockefeller center christmas tree in place over the weekend. with the 75-foot norway spruce was brought to the big apple from state college, pennsylvania. and it is being wrapped with more than 50,000 lights. the official lighting is at the end of the month. the tree will stay lit until early january. be prepared not to be able to move in rockefeller center. >> do not go to midtown new york. coming up, an announcement from the best soccer player in the world. >> we'll tell you what messi is saying. >> no, ronaldo! >> what neymar is saying. >> they knew what i was saying. first we're finding out about the airport scare. the smoking backpack. that triggered a full-blown panic. and the dramatic speedboat accident caught on camera. obviously we're going to show you how all of it ended and how those folks are doing this morning, but first, here's a look at today's forecast.
3:40 am
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3:43 am
check out this video from check out this video from the key west super boat world championships. watch as the number 18 boat runs right over number three and goes airborne and crashes into that water. listen to the announcer. >> there's one. >> there's two. >> there is the second person. >> oh, that is a relief. >> that is the sound of relief as they realize both drivers in the white boat were okay. no major injuries there, but both boats were severely damaged and unable to compete in that final day of racing. we're learning new details this morning about that smoking backpack that triggered a panic at an airport terminal in orlando. >> a tsa officer jumped into action thinking it may be an a.i.d. >> reporter: new video shows the panic when a backpack starts smoking.
3:44 am
passengers at orlando airport scrambling. dropped bags hitting the floor, sounding like gunfire. >> people were basically running over each other, trampling each other. >> reporter: with fears it could explode, tsa officer ricardo perez moves it between two pillars. >> if there was an ied, i was already gone, so i might as well save as many as i can. >> reporter: turns out it was a false alarm. the real cause, a lithium ion camera battery that caught fire. the tsa calling perez a 20-year army veteran a hero. >> i am not a hero. i didn't do it alone. >> reporter: so far this year there have been at least 19 incidents involving lithium ion batteries on airplanes or in airports. they're on the rise. the faa can show what happens when one of those batteries catches fire in luggage. >> we know they're dangerous. they have brought down airplanes >> reporter: the faa continues to push for tighter regulations. if a battery catches fire mid flight, crews have no chance of
3:45 am
putting it out. >> definitely a frightening scene there for many people because those things are still allowed on planes. >> well, yes, but especially when your imagination takes over and you start imagining the worst-case scenario what could be in that backpack. glad it wasn't more serious. when we come back, the comic who made history over the weekend. >> "the skinny" is next. >> "the skinny" is next. ♪ skinny i can breathe again! vicks sinex... breathe on. ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny it is skinny time. starting with the mtvemas, the european music awards. >> yeah, it's a big deal. >> they were pretty interesting. >> eminem won for best hip-hop even though he hasn't put out an album in years and dropped just one single in the past year. good enough to walk away with a trophy. >> and that single he just dropped like recently. >> yeah. >> the one with beyonce on it. >> good job, eminem, very efficient.
3:48 am
very efficient. >> he did perform his new single "walk on water." it's a collaboration with beyonce, unfortunately, beyonce wasn't there for it. >> ooh. boo! >> decent song. >> demi lovato. looked like she was -- >> whoa. >> channeling her inner cher. looking good with her longer hair. >> she was looking pretty cool. she was singing "havana." she's american and cuban. she merged the two. transforming the stage into a pool, complete with synchronized swimmers and everything. >> it's the number one song in the u.s. right now. >> i like to see the artists branch out. you get to see a different side of them. >> she's not sorry. i guess. shall we talk the fashion at these awards that were being held in london? >> yes, please. >> what in the world?
3:49 am
jared letto there starts with the top there. the high neck, the ruffled shirt that jerry would be loving. >> are those workout pants? are those track suit pants? are they the ones with the snaps that if you pull -- >> yes, yes, yes. he actually went as a chippendale dancer. >> the flower is a nice touch as well. very, very subtle. those are gucci track pants. >> is that what it is? >> he can go running on the track after he's done with the awards. >> rita ora must have ran out of time to get ready. because she just showed up in a robe. yeah. interesting shoes, at least. >> maybe she was late getting ready and then she realized she forgot to set the clock back. >> nobody did her hair. i like that look. >> hey, she still looks good. got to hand it to her. and a big congratulations is in order for the best soccer player in the world, cristiano ronaldo, he's a dad for the fourth time. he and his girlfriend welcomed a baby daughter to the world. >> the 32-year-old shared this photo in the hospital on
3:50 am
instagram over the weekend. all smiles. the "sun" newspaper did have an article, how many baby mamas does cristiano ronaldo have. >> oh. oh i see. >> there are apparently many. >> are there? >> i'm sure there are many. that would like to apply for the job. i don't think his girlfriend would appreciate that. >> the official baby, the son there, was paid 10 million pounds or about $14 million. >> wow. >> beautiful family. congratulations to them. >> so bitter. moving on to another proud dad. shaq, his daughter mimi. ♪ so you're listening to shaq's hit song. >> oh, really? it sounds a little like slam. >> so shaq's daughter, look at
3:51 am
her, had her sweet 16 party, and shaq went big time for his baby, spending $1 million. spent some money on a professional photographer. >> they didn't skimp on the entertainment, though. he hired rapper yg to sing eight songs, including "toot it" and "boot it" and "why you always hating"? >> other hit songs. i don't think anyone was hating on that party, though. it actually looks pretty epic. >> yes. now to tiffany hadish, she made history this weekend hosting "saturday night live." as a first black female standup comic to do so. >> she's getting great reviews for her work including this sketch where she's a new gaming character with some interesting new moves. >> boo boo jeffries, fighter overview. >> get to know your girl boo boo jeffries. >> primary attack. >> rihanna. rihanna. rihanna. >> secondary attack. >> beyonce, beyonce. >> she teamed up with kate mckinnen for a hair-raising
3:52 am
"whispers are we" skit. those cats, do not want to play around, though. >> meow. those cats, do not want to play around, though. >> meow. left after i break a dollar. ever much, just what's and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the average cost of a funeral is over $8,300. now that's a big burden to leave your loved ones. as long as you're 50 to 85, you cannot be turned down because of your health. your premium never goes up and your benefit never goes down due to age.
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3:55 am
one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ one m ♪ one more weekend ♪ one more weekend with you >> i don't know who this is but i like it. >> i don't think any of us knew. >> well, we're coming off the weekend. we know you guys lead busy lives, maybe you didn't have time to catch up with all the weekend news, so we have something to help you out. >> so here now, the inaugural edition of "weekend rewind." >> trump says he asked putin about russian meddling in the 2016 election, which putin denied. then trump said he believes putin means it when he denied the meddling. >> i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or
3:56 am
not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with their leadership. i believe in our intel agencies. our intelligence agencies. >> republican senate candidate roy moore taking aim at the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> moore is stepping up his defense and refusing to drop out of the race. >> isn't it strange that after 40 years of constant investigation, people have waited to four weeks prior to the general election to bring their complaints? >> i mean, it's all lies. i'm not that guy. >> perhaps, roy, perhaps, but it's hard to convince people that you're not into young girls when you dress like woody from "toy story". >> something new about the comedian, louis c.k. to say that the accusations against him are actually true. >> well, louis c.k. is one of the most popular, well-liked comedians. this person is powerful and they could really hurt your career. >> we're thinking about our
3:57 am
veterans on this veteran's day. we're looking at a program that helps current and former service members through the power of music. >> whenever i'm having an off day, you know, i'll put that on. that song was definitely the stitches that are keeping that wound closed. >> now to taylor swift. her new album "reputation" rolled out overnight, burning up the charts, sparking lots of reaction on social media. ♪ ♪ midnight ♪ i'll be cleaning out bottles with you on new year's day ♪ >> feels like taylor is in the news everyday with a new song, release, video, something. marketing, genius. >> success. well, don't miss our updates on facebook at >> we'll have this weekend rewind every monday. let us know what you think. >> your taylor updates. >> announcer: this is "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. think. >> your up takes. >> announcer
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making news in america this morning, awkward embrace. president trump in the philippines meeting face-to-face with controversial strong man rodrigo duterte. riot police firing water cannons at protesters as the world waits to see whether trump will take on duterte's human rights violations. we're live in manila. breaking right now, the earthquake disaster with hundreds of people killed and more than a thousand injured. see the new images coming in this morning. dance party nightmare. college students go plunging as the floor of this building collapses. what happened seconds after the collapse adding to the chaos. also this morning, why prince harry's beard is getting him into trouble after an event for veterans.


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